You are the "Client", and I, Paige am the "Developer". 


  • 1.1 All prices listed are in U.S. dollars.
  • 1.2 A non-refundable 50% deposit is due at the time of booking to save the Client’s place in the design queue. The 50% remainder is due on the final day of the design period. The website will be launched by the Developer after the 50% remaining balance payment is made in full.
  • 1.3 If à la carte items are selected with the Client’s package, they increase the value of the package, and the 50% deposit. For example, adding a $200 à la carte item to a $2,550 package increases the package price from $2,550 to $2,750. The 50% deposit, and 50% final payment would then be $1,375 each.


  • 2.1  Each website is built tailored to the Client’s needs, and as such cannot be re-sold, or re-purposed. The 50% deposit saves the Client’s place in the design queue, and that place is then not available for other clients. For these reason, there are absolutely no refunds available for any and all payments made.


  • 3.1 6+ business days after booking, there are financial repercussions to changing one’s design date. The Client’s 50% deposit holds their place in the design queue and that spot is no longer available to be booked by anyone else. 
  • 3.2 If the Client changes their design date within 5 business days of booking, the Client’s deposit will be used to hold their new date in the design queue. 
  • 3.3 At 6 + business days after booking the Client’s deposit cannot be used towards another design date, and will not be refunded.
  • 3.4 A design date change may only be made once.


  • 4.1 Price adjustments may occur at any time, without advanced notice.
  • 4.2 Updated pricing will not affect clients already booked into the design queue. Once a 50% deposit is paid, the client has guaranteed themselves that price, regardless of future adjustments.


  • 5.1 The Client has access to the Developer for 2 weeks. Completion of the project is greatly dependent on the speed of communication between the Client and the Developer and the Client having all content ready before project begins.
  • 5.2 The Client and the Developer will make every reasonable effort to be timely in responses. The Client and the Developer agree to give advanced notice in writing of any expected delays that will effect responding within 24 hours.
  • 5.4 The Client has access to the Developer for their allotted 2-week period. If a Client fails to respond, provide content or request edits during their allotted 2 week period, the project will be deemed completed or cancelled, and the Developer will have no further obligation to the client. No refunds will be available to the Client, and the Developer will not provide the client with any portion of the project.


  • 6.1 The Client’s website will have the Developer’s accreditation logo with a link to the Developers website in the footer on every page; it may not be removed at any time.
  • 6.2 The Developer may use images of the Client’s website for use in all forms of promotional material, social media, print, portfolios, galleries, and online stores.
  • 6.3 The Client permits the Developer to link back to their website for the purpose of displaying previous work.


  • 7.1 Any action towards the Developer deemed disrespectful, abusive, or threatening may result in the cancellation of the project, with no refund.


  • 8.1 It is the Clients responsibility to pay their monthly or annual bill to Squarespace, domain name provider and any other website related programs and services. The Developer is not responsible for these fees, and they are not included in the price of any package.


These policies may change at any time, without advanced notice. I invite you to contact me directly if you have questions or concerns about these policies.

Last Updated: February 1st 2017


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