Why this 1 blog metric is more important than any other


The most important blog metric is not what you think it is

I'm going to say something that isn't so common in blogging-focused blogging.

No amount of page views matter if your bounce rate is 99% and people spend an average of 0.02 seconds on your blog.

An engaged audience is the most valuable aspect of your blog.

Not only will an engaged audience encourage you through those tough days when you just don't feel the motivation to blog, but you will also feel the purpose of why you're doing what you're doing. Feeling like you have a purpose and are helping others is important both with your blog and you know... in life.

Not to mention, when your audience is engaged, you can begin to expect amazing things from your blog.

  • Affiliate sales will do wayyy better, because readers love you, are engaged and want to buy exactly whatever it is that you have and use.
  • Sponsors will be coming to YOU and you get your pick of the best. You won't need to be Googling how to write the perfect sponsored post pitch, because they'll be blowing up your inbox asking you to work together. (This also puts the bargaining ball firmly in your court.)
  • You'll form long-term partnerships. While a company who has never worked with bloggers before might be hoodwinked into working with a blogger with very little engagement once, it won't happen a second time when they see no return on their investment. When you can provide real value to a company through connecting them with your engaged audience, they'll be happy to work together again.
  • Other great bloggers will want to collaborate. As bloggers, we know the metrics that are truly representative of how well our blog is doing (that's not just page views of course!), and we poke around to find the best fellow bloggers to work with.
  • You will feel more satisfied with your blog and feel like you're making a difference to a group of people.

Now, I think it's important to mention, the size of your audience is really not the most important thing. If you can get even a small following engaged and loyal, that's valuable and commendable! (Great work!)

So, HOW exactly do you get that blog audience engaged already?

This topic is definitely not discussed as much as 'how to grow traffic,' but in all honestly, it is significantly more important.

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You’ll see a changed blog after implementing the steps in this course!

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