Which Squarespace templates have a sidebar, index, parallax, second navigation + more!

So, you're in the middle of picking a Squarespace template and want to know which templates have what features?

Well perfect, you're in the right place!

Before we start, I want to mention two superrr handy resources that are perfect for when you're just getting started with building your Squarespace site (or are switching templates).

First, there's the Start Your Squarespace Website Workbook which gives you a clear guide on how to use this list and pick a template, how to determine your site goals & what to do with them, and how to properly use your inspiration sites!

How to collect emails and send an opt-in gift, before you have a full site

So you don't have a full website yet, but you want to start building your list and delivering an opt-in gift?

People often use Leadpages for this type of thing.

It’s exactly what Leadpages was built for, so it’s the obvious first choice.

But as you may have realized after a quick bit of research, Leadpages costs at minimum $25.00/month.

I’m going to introduce you to a cheaper option than Leadpages, that allows you to collect emails before you have a full site. 

4 things to consider when surveying your audience

Fun fact: I completed both an undergrad and Masters degree, and then went on to not use even an ounce of what I learned in either when running my own business.

That is, with 1 small exception. I had taken a class in my Masters called Survey Design & Evaluation which came in handy when I went to design my recent reader survey.

(Glad those degrees *ahem - massively expensive pieces of paper* finally came in handy 😂.)

So I've packaged up my knowledge and placed it here for you to use when you're ready to also give out a survey of your own!

Behind-the-scenes look: copy layout strategy for my 3 most visited pages

You may have noticed a couple changes around here recently.

My home page, about page and work with me pages got brand spanking new copy in the past couple weeks.

Here’s why I decided to give them an update.

I realized when taking B-School just how vital being able to write copy that connects with my ideal clients that also converts was.

After finishing up B-School my top priority was to figure out what to do about my copy. 

I want to hear from you! The 2017 reader survey

Oh hey beautiful blog reader!

I've been feeling something lately and wanted to share it with y'all. Blogging for you and helping you out with your Squarespace sites is an absolute pleasure, I love doing it!

But sometimes in blog-world, the conversation feels a little one-sided. It's kinda like when you apply to 43 jobs online, submit your application online, and then it falls into a big black hole and you never hear anything back.

8 reasons I chose to build my business's online home on Squarespace

Ahem - story time!

Just a few years ago I was Googling up a storm, wanting to build a website and was struggling to find the right platform.

I scoped out all the options and looked up all the comparison charts.

I tried to learn a little about how each website building platform worked, and what creating and blogging on them would look like before I settled on one.

Squarespace ended up winning my heart, and years later, I'm still a huge fan of the platform.

Amy Demas Website Design

Amy came to me with an exact knowledge of what she was looking for.

This came as no surprise as Amy is a professional Creative Director, having worked with a couple small brands you might have heard of before 😉; Victoria's Secret, White House Black Market, Revlon, Vogue Mexico, Harper's Bazar, Target, West Elm, Bloomingdales and William-Sonoma, just to name a few.

Amy was looking for a site that gave off a chic, elevated, stylish, fashion oriented vibe and had a very clean look overall.

How to sell a product one time & subscription-style through your Squarespace website

So you've got something to sell, and would like to give your customers both the option to purchase it one time, or recurring subscription style on your Squaresapce site?

Can do friend!

I'm going to walk you through exactly how this is set up. 

The Squarespace e-commerce system doesn't have the ability to make subscription-style recurring sales, but MoonClerk, a 3rd party integration that works with Squaresapce does, so that's what I'll be showing you how to use.

3 ways to get a Squarespace discount/coupon code

If you're the type of person that loops back around in the Costco samples section a few times, you're going to love this post.

I've been fielding questions lately on if it's possible to get a discount or if there's a coupon code to use on your Squarespace plan. 

Well friend, I have good news! YES! There are 3 ways you can snag a Squarespace discount.

I've been using Squarespace for years, and can tell you with confidence that these are the only 3 ways of getting a discount.

How to build a Squarespace site at every budget

So, you have a blog or business and you need to build it an online home?

You’ve come to the right place friend. 
I realize that at different stages of business, budgets vary, so I put together a list of all the different ways you can go live with a Squarespace site, at every budget.
Now, everything on this list is related to the building and designing of your website. The actual annual cost of a Squarespace site looks like so:

What is the best Squarespace template? Brine. Here's why.

Back in the day 'which Squarespace template was best' was really based on what your site was for, and what functionality you wanted in your site.

Today however, within the Squarespace website designer community there's a pretty solid consensus on the best Squarespace template.

What changed? This new template came out fitted with almost every single feature you could ever want, and it's the most flexible of them all too, earning it the title of the best Squarespace template out there.

The 2 week website: how it works & why you’ll love it

Okay so before I even start on this post I need to give credit where credit is due.

The 2 week website was not my idea! (Though I do love it and am so darn happy I found out about it!)

The idea came from the fab Lauren Hooker who runs Elle & Company, or more specifically her husband Jake. Jake thought of the 2 week website, Lauren implemented it and then she shared it on her blog, advocating for others to considering switching to the 2 week process.

14 design secrets to build a Squarespace website fast

So your business or blog needs a website like yesterday? 

Squarespace is a fantastic choice because the learning curve isn't nearly as steep as with other website building platforms. 

As a website designer who spends half of her life in the Squarespace editor, I’ve stocked up a list of tricks & best practices that enables me to breeze through websites in a flash. 

What's included in all-inclusive Squarespace web design packages?

When I get on the phone with potential clients for our initial consult call, a few common questions come up about just what is included in my packages.

95% of the time when a potential client asked if something was included my answer was ‘yes.’ 

As such, I started describing my packages as ‘all-inclusive.’ 

(Partially because my answer was almost always yes, and partially because I love vacations, and being reminded of them often).

So, as with all the client and reader questions I get, I blog about it!

B-School Review: What it’s like on the inside & how to make the most of it

So you’re thinking of joining B-School? I take it that you’re reading every B-School review online you can get your hands on? I hear yeh, that was me too.

Gal, I know. B-School is quite the business investment, so it can be a tough decision. 

To help you in your decision making I’ll be giving you an insider look at what going through B-School is like. (Because that’s what I really wanted to hear when I was considering enrolling!) 

B-School has 6 modules spaced over 8 weeks. I took notes at the end of every week to share with you in this post, to give you a feel for what each week looked like. I’ll also let you in on what was happening in the B-School Facebook group, as well as my personal business breakthroughs.

4 unique ways to make a big freaking deal of your new website launch

You got a new website - YAYYYY!

Virtual high five gal! Job very well done making the leap and going live with a fab new online home.

So, you spent all this time and money on your new website to make your business look legit, now you want to shout it from the rooftops? I hear yeh.

Here’s a few ideas on how to throw a virtual launch partay to let everyone know that your new website is live! 

How to become a Squarespace web designer interview

I just wrapped up such a fun interview with the one half of the Bucketlist Bombshells, Shay Orlena Brown.

(Is doing interviews like this one my real job? Apparently yes it is. I know, sometimes I'm surprised by it too.)

Together Shay & Cassie make up the Bucketlist Bombshells. The Bucketlist Bombshells is the online destination empowering and teaching millennial women how to build a successful online service-based business that gives them the freedom to travel the world and live creatively.

When I came across the Bucketlist Bombshells on Facebook my first thought was 'no way, is that a real thing?'

Why I don’t offer monthly retainers and what I do instead

Many website designers will polish up your project, get you launched and then offer the option to stick with them on what’s called a monthly retainer.

Monthly retainers have their pros and cons. 

Pro, you have the peace of mind that if your website decides to throw and temper tantrum one day and bring your online business crashing down, you’ve got someone on hand who’s job it is to fix it.

Con, designers and developers don’t come cheap, so paying $100 or more a month for a monthly retainer with a designer/developer can become a pricey business expense.