How to find your perfect Squarespace website designer

So you’ve decided on Squarespace and that DIY’ing isn’t your thing? Great, it’s time to find you a Squarespace website designer who can take over building the website of your dreams!

Finding the designer who fits your style, timeline and budget can be a little tricky however, so I’ll go through the most common places you can find Squarespace designers to get you started on your hunt.

I’ll also load you up on some insider tips on what type of designers you’ll find on each!

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9 Smart Questions To Ask Your Potential Website Designer

The process of designing your new website could be an absolute dream come true, or an ongoing nightmare.

Who you pick to help you along the way and build your site for you will make all the different to both the end product, and how much you enjoy the site build process.

So let's get you all educated so you're set to pick out the perfect designer who will get you website-launching and having a blast along the way!

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Website heatmap: Why you need one & what to do with info collected

Google Analytics or Squarespace analytics can only tell you so much. They can tell you what pages are popular, but not how site visitors are getting places, or if they're getting stuck on the way to find the info they want.

So you've got a website, and are wondering,

'What exactly are visitors doing while on my site?'
'Are my Calls To Action working?'
'Are people finding the info they need, or getting lost along the way?'
'Is anyone even clicking that new opt-in gift I put on my home page, or would that real estate be better used?'

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Squarespace Style Editor: A complete guide

The Squarespace Style Editor is something every new Squarespace user should get familiar with, as it enables you to change so much of the look and style of your site.

When you're first building your website, you'll spend lots of time in the Style Editor, but down the line in the years ahead of using your Squarespace site, you'll most likely leave this bit alone, as it's really not necessary to give your site a constant face lift.

Before we get even one step further, I want to explain exactly what your Style Editor controls, versus your template, or Squarespace blocks.

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English With Rebecca Website Design

Rebecca had worked both abroad and online teaching English for a number of different schools, and now was really wanting to start up her own English lessons service and website. 

She wanted a place to send new potential clients directly, as well as be able to take payments and have students book class times, all easily online in one place.

Rebecca wants for her students to have fun while taking her classes, and so she wanted her site to be the very opposite of the typical, corporate language learning services you'll find online. Rebecca wanted to begin differentiating her lessons from all the others out there with a fun, modern design.

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You spoke, I listened. Audience Survey 2017 results

As you know, a few weeks back I completed my first studio reader survey and I'm oh-so-glad I did. I can't tell you how helpful your responses are to me determining where to steer this business next!

I had a rather head-smacking and hilarious revelation from tallying up the results of this survey, which I'm going to tell you all about in August's business recap (you can see July's business recap here).

So, if you want to know all about that semi-embarrassing story, be sure to subscribe to hear the story when that post goes live!

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My 7 Must-Have Tools I Pay For Monthly To Run My Online Business

I don’t know about you, but I personally LOVE taking a behind the scenes peek at the tools and programs other online entrepreneurs are using to run their online empires. You too? Okay fab, this post is just for you then!

I recently created a Tools page, loaded with the services, courses, and books that makes this studio run on a daily basis, and guides my education and decision making.

I give a quick description for a lot of the services on the Tools page, but I also wanted to get a bit more in depth with you on a few of those tools and show you exactly how I use them. Hence, this post. (… Apparently I’m feeling very Renaissance today?)

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Sequel Professional Development Website Design

Dara is the owner of Sequel Professional Development based out of beautiful Hawaii. Dara wasn't looking for a traditional, corporate looking website, but instead wanted something more casual, welcoming and infused with tropical vibes, incorporating her location into her online home.

Dara choose the 2 Week Website + Brand package, so we whipped up her Squarespace website, alongside an updated and modernized logo that fit her brands overall feel better, as well as business cards and social media graphics.

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Boost your Squarespace SEO with one simple step that you probably haven’t heard of!

In terms of experts in Squarespace SEO, Kerstin Martin is right up there at the top of the list. Kerstin is a fellow Squarespace website designer, and educator, with a number of courses all centred around Squarespace.

I asked Kerstin to write a piece for y'all because I know she has some amazing SEO tips up her sleeve that we can all benefit from, so thank you kindly Kerstin for sharing your wisdom with us all!

I'm sure you'll agree, Kerstin knocked it out of the park with this very much so lesser-known Squarespace SEO tip!

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An inside look at collecting sales-winning testimonials

Recently I realized that while I've racked up a perfect 5 star review record, the testimonials I was receiving were only halfway to where I wanted them to be.

Knockout testimonials are little trust-building gems, and they can be extremely persuasive when used on sales/services pages.

Truly great testimonials help potential new clients to see how your service/product helped another in their same situation achieve the goal they're also hoping to achieve.

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My favorite set-it-and-forget-it survey collection method

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that I just recently ran a reader survey

I loved hearing your responses, so if you took the survey, a big great thank you to you for completing it.

While I did recently run a time-bound survey, I actually also have had one running in the background for months.

In this post I’m going to tell you all about the good and the bad of both, as well as which I’d suggest.

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July 2017 recap: Doubling prices, sharing yourself in your business & digital nomading

So gal, I’m test driving something new! Monthly recaps in business and life you could call them really.

Here’s what led to this new idea. 

I’ve been dealing for some time with trying to find the proper solution to the question; ‘How much of myself should I share in my business?’

I love getting to peek behind-the-scenes at my fav fellow entrepreneur gals and bloggers lives. I feel like I know them so much better, and want to work with them so much more because I feel like I truly know them as people.

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How I create custom, branded icons in under 1 min

One common design element you'll find on my site, in opt-in gifts and now and again on my blog post graphics is custom icons, created in my brands colors and style.

My icons are a bit more complex and detailed than most, so you would expect it takes me forever to create one right? Thankfully, that's not the case at all!

Each one takes me under 1 minute to create!

(So great right?!)

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Which Squarespace templates have a sidebar, index, parallax, second navigation + more!

So, you're in the middle of picking a Squarespace template and want to know which templates have what features?

Well perfect, you're in the right place!

Before we start, I want to mention two superrr handy resources that are perfect for when you're just getting started with building your Squarespace site (or are switching templates).

First, there's the Start Your Squarespace Website Workbook which gives you a clear guide on how to use this list and pick a template, how to determine your site goals & what to do with them, and how to properly use your inspiration sites!

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How to collect emails and send an opt-in gift, before you have a full site

So you don't have a full website yet, but you want to start building your list and delivering an opt-in gift?

People often use Leadpages for this type of thing.

It’s exactly what Leadpages was built for, so it’s the obvious first choice.

But as you may have realized after a quick bit of research, Leadpages costs at minimum $25.00/month.

I’m going to introduce you to a cheaper option than Leadpages, that allows you to collect emails before you have a full site. 

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4 things to consider when surveying your audience

Fun fact: I completed both an undergrad and Masters degree, and then went on to not use even an ounce of what I learned in either when running my own business.

That is, with 1 small exception. I had taken a class in my Masters called Survey Design & Evaluation which came in handy when I went to design my recent reader survey.

(Glad those degrees *ahem - massively expensive pieces of paper* finally came in handy 😂.)

So I've packaged up my knowledge and placed it here for you to use when you're ready to also give out a survey of your own!

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Behind-the-scenes look: copy layout strategy for my 3 most visited pages

You may have noticed a couple changes around here recently.

My home page, about page and work with me pages got brand spanking new copy in the past couple weeks.

Here’s why I decided to give them an update.

I realized when taking B-School just how vital being able to write copy that connects with my ideal clients that also converts was.

After finishing up B-School my top priority was to figure out what to do about my copy. 

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